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Providing wise legal counsel that leads to effective results in the area of business law

Summary of Practice

The business law practice of The Law Office of Mark Jackson serves clients in nearly every area of the business world. Like many of his business clients, Mark Jackson takes a creative and entrepreneurial approach to the work he does and the advice he offers as an attorney. This approach, together with his experience and expertise, allows Mark to provide wise counsel, resolve problems, and consummate transactions at every stage in a business’s existence. With over 12 years of experience practicing law in California, Mark has worked with all types of businesses—start-ups, small businesses, and large corporations—in a wide range of industries. He takes time to get to know his clients, their businesses, and their objectives so that he can provide responsive, efficient, and practical counsel. Whether helping a client solve a legal issue or closing a multi-million dollar transaction, Mark has earned a reputation as a skillful and valuable resource to the clients he serves.

Areas of Expertise

The Law Office of Mark Jackson represents businesses of all sizes in Redlands, the Inland Empire, La Quinta, and the Coachella Valley. Mark’s business practice focuses on the following areas:

Entity Formation

Providing clients with counsel regarding the selection, formation, taxation, and structure of business entities, including corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and joint ventures.


Business Operations

Counseling clients on legal issues arising from day-to-day business operations, including third party contracts, employment agreements, and employment law issues.


Corporate Governance

Advising clients on corporate legal requirements and compliance, including fiduciary duty issues, disclosure requirements, and preparation of board of director and shareholder minutes and business documents.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Facilitating the purchase, sale, merger, reorganization, and financing of businesses and their assets. This work includes advanced planning for stock and asset transactions, due diligence review, negotiating and drafting contracts and agreements, and handling sensitive employment and non-competition issues.

Commercial Contracts

Helping clients understand their rights and obligations under existing contracts, avoid contract disputes, and form new contractual relationships with distributors, suppliers, customers, independent contractors, tenants, and other parties.

Insurance Recovery

Advising clients on trademark and copyright issues. This includes registering intellectual property, negotiating and drafting licensing and transfer agreements, and enforcement and protection of existing intellectual property rights.

Non-Profit Organizations

Assisting clients with the formation of non-profit organizations, including churches and charities. This work includes assisting clients in obtaining tax-exempt status, drafting corporate and operational documents, and advising clients about first amendment issues and other compliance matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a business attorney?

A business attorney is a person licensed by a state bar association to practice law, who has knowledge and expertise in the area of business law and transactions. Examples of business transactions would include forming an LLC, entering into a contract for goods from a supplier, or selling the assets of a corporation.(1) Essentially, a business attorney provides legal advice and services to businesses. Mark Jackson is licensed by The State Bar of California to practice law and has over a decade of experience advising businesses and handling complex business issues and transactions.  If you would like to learn more about Mark, click here

How can business attorneys help clients?

Business lawyers have a number of duties as they assist clients, including the following:

• Protecting the client’s interests
• Structuring and negotiating transactions
• Drafting and negotiating contracts and legal documents
• Providing clients with advice on legal issues in order to limit risk and liability
• Advocating for the client’s rights and interests in the terms and conditions of transactions and contracts
• Performing due diligence on properties, companies, and transactions
• Coordinating with other consultants, professionals, and opposing counsel to ensure that a deal closes
• Communicating openly and honestly to ensure that client needs are met and goals are achieved(3)

The role of a business attorney is extensive.(4) To learn more about the ways that Mark Jackson can assist you in the area of business law, please contact The Law Office of Mark Jackson today.

Why is a business attorney important?

It takes intelligence, innovation, creativity, and hard work to start and run a business. Oftentimes, entrepreneurs and business owners have a skill, idea, or business model, but they may not know how to minimize their exposure to liability, protect the unique aspects of their business, and maximize the profitability and flexibility that the law can provide. Businesses are not obligated to have a lawyer, but the consensus is that having a good lawyer is crucial to a business’s success.(2) Hiring a business attorney enables a client to have someone who understands the law, someone who has experience negotiating legal documents, someone who can identify and explain potential areas of risk, and someone who will protect the client’s interests. A natural part of the growth process for a business is facing legal challenges. Ultimately, business lawyers like Mark Jackson serve as a valuable resource to clients, enabling transactions and legal issues to be resolved efficiently and effectively.

When should I hire a business attorney?

Every business will experience legal challenges at some point. A business attorney can ensure that your business starts on the right legal footing, avoids foreseeable problems, and maximizes its profitability. As a result, the best time to hire a business attorney is before you think you need one so that you can receive the advice and assistance you need to keep your business on track to reach its goals.

Whether you’re in the planning stages of entrepreneurship or already running an established company, a business attorney like Mark Jackson who serves in Redlands, the Inland Empire, La Quinta, and the Coachella Valley can help you. You don’t need to navigate the ins and outs of the law on your own. Mark has a passion for helping businesses reach their goals!

If you need assistance with a business transaction or business law issue, The Law Office of Mark Jackson is ready to help. Mark Jackson offers effective and service-oriented representation to clients. Please call Mark at 909-488-0990 or contact him by email at to schedule a consultation.

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