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Summary of Practice

The real estate practice of The Law Office of Mark Jackson serves clients in nearly every area of real estate. Mark Jackson is skilled at documenting and negotiating complex real estate transactions for a diverse group of clients that includes Fortune 100 companies, small businesses, start-ups, and individuals. With over 12 years of experience practicing law in California, Mark has the knowledge and expertise necessary to guide each client through the various phases of a transaction. Mark works hard to get to know his clients and their real estate objectives in order to strategically work toward an efficient and successful outcome. As an experienced and creative problem solver, Mark identifies potential areas of risk and provides clients with clear and effective advice and solutions.

Areas of Expertise

The Law Office of Mark Jackson represents real estate stakeholders in Redlands, the Inland Empire, La Quinta, and the Coachella Valley. Mark’s real estate practice focuses on the following areas:

Purchases and Sales

Representing buyers and sellers in the acquisition and sale of real estate. This includes structuring transactions, performing due diligence, coordinating the work of consultants, structuring strategic partnerships, and drafting and negotiating purchase and sale agreements, letters of intent, option agreements, and other documents necessary to close a transaction.


Representing landlords and tenants in the leasing of real estate in retail, office, industrial, and residential contexts. This includes the drafting and negotiating of lease agreements and other ancillary documents, as well as the resolution of landlord-tenant issues.


Representing institutional and private borrowers and lenders in a variety of real estate and project financings. This work includes structuring, negotiating, and closing a wide range of loan transactions.

Construction and Development

Representing owners and tenants in the development, redevelopment, and expansion of various types of real estate. This includes drafting and negotiating construction contracts, work letters, development agreements, easement agreements, and other types of documentation.

Joint Ventures

Representing clients in forming and structuring entities in connection with real estate transactions.

Title Issues

Representing clients on matters that involve title analysis, title insurance, the resolution of title issues, and other forms of due diligence.

Property Management and Operations

Representing property owners on general property matters, including property management agreements, insurance matters, homeowners and property owners’ associations, and conditions, covenants, and restrictions (CC&Rs).


Representing clients on matters that involve the creation and documentation of easements, the analysis of existing easements, and the resolution of easement-related issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a real estate attorney?

A real estate attorney is a person licensed by a state bar association to practice law, who has knowledge and expertise in the area of real estate law and transactions. Examples of real estate transactions would include purchasing a home, selling a piece of vacant land, or leasing office space. Mark Jackson is licensed by The State Bar of California to practice law and has over a decade of experience handling complex real estate issues and transactions. If you would like to learn more about Mark, click here.

How are the services of a real estate attorney different from those of a title company?

Title insurance companies are typically key players in California real estate transactions. It’s the title company’s job to examine the past ownership—or title history—and certify that an owner can legally sell the property. While these services are integral to a transaction’s success and the acquisition of a title insurance policy, title insurers are third parties that represent neither buyer nor seller. Title insurance agents cannot offer legal advice, but Mark Jackson can. He can also provide independent title analysis to ensure that title is clear and that the client can use the property in the way that he or she intends.

Is having a real estate lawyer during contract negotiations important?

All real estate transactions in California are governed by various forms of contracts, such as a purchase and sale agreement or a lease agreement. These documents can be simple or complex depending on the nature of the transaction and the assets and parties involved. In any event, legal pitfalls exist at every stage of a transaction, and real estate attorneys can help clients navigate the challenges of a transaction. Real estate attorneys can also help clients by negotiating favorable terms of a deal, such as price, deadlines, representations and warranties, contingencies, due diligence, and disclosures. While real estate agents and brokers are usually familiar with these issues, they are not permitted to offer legal advice or perform the legal services that many real estate transactions require.(4) In addition to providing clients with needed legal services, real estate attorneys also have fiduciary duties toward their clients, which create a unique relationship of trust and confidentiality between lawyers and clients.

Why is a real estate attorney important?

Abraham Lincoln once said, “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.”(1) Most people wouldn’t represent themselves in court, and most people choose not to represent themselves in real estate transactions. The reality is that real estate lawyers understand real estate transactions and real estate law in a way that non-lawyers don’t. While California law doesn’t require parties to a real estate transaction to have legal counsel, hiring a real estate attorney enables a client to have someone who understands the law, someone who has experience negotiating legal documents, someone who can identify and explain potential areas of risk, and someone who will protect the client’s interests. Ultimately, real estate lawyers like Mark Jackson serve as a valuable resource to clients, enabling transactions and legal issues to be resolved efficiently and effectively.

How can real estate attorneys help clients?

Real estate lawyers have a number of duties as they assist clients, including the following:

• Protecting the client’s interests
• Structuring and negotiating transactions
• Drafting and negotiating contracts and legal documents
• Providing clients with advice on legal issues in order to limit risk and liability
• Advocating for the client’s rights in the terms and conditions of transactions and contracts
• Performing due diligence on properties, companies, and transactions
• Coordinating with other consultants, professionals, and opposing counsel to ensure that a deal closes
• Communicating openly and honestly to ensure that the client’s needs are met and goals are achieved(2)

The role of a real estate attorney is extensive.(3) To learn more about the ways that Mark Jackson can assist you in the area of real estate law, please contact The Law Office of Mark Jackson today.

How can a real estate attorney assist clients when dealing with lenders?

A financed transaction adds another layer of risk to the parties involved. When seeking financing in a purchase and sale context, it is important that a buyer is aware of the terms and conditions of the issued loan. Similarly, sellers must also know their rights and responsibilities in the event a sale falls through because of the buyer’s failure to meet the lender’s requirements. Financed transactions are often complex, and the assistance of an attorney often ensures that the client remains informed and protected and the transaction closes smoothly.

If you need assistance with a real estate transaction or real estate law issue, The Law Office of Mark Jackson is prepared to help. Mark Jackson offers effective and service-oriented representation to clients.

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